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"I believe in the values that come with sports and training to perform at your best. So many life lessons can be learned through athletics. Confidence, discipline and commitment to name a few. It is also a great way to see efforts pay off without significant wait time. A couple months of training before the season can lead to great results and stats in the books when game time comes. Most importantly, even though it takes hard work and effort, it can and should be a fun, rewarding process." - Conley Wessel

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Sports Performance & Movement Training

C. Wes Training - Sports Performance & Movement Training

Confidence on the field is extremely important for athletes. That confidence comes from proper preparation. The goal for C. Wes Training is to help every athlete’s body and mind be prepared to meet the demands of their sport or sports.

Training is an investment and C. Wes Training is 100% committed to helping you gain a return on that investment through focused and personalized training programs.

The objective of every session is to achieve new heights in your movement and sports performance!

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Youth Training

Sports are evolving! As young athletes focus on improving in a particular discipline and position, they will require specialized training to help develop their skills and abilities, staying game-ready all year around. C. Wes Training assists aspiring young athletes in improving their performance on the field and remaining ahead of the competition. We've successfully worked with youth from prestigious sports clubs and provide tailored programs designed to help growing athletes achieve their full potential.

High School & College Training

Once an athlete reaches the high school/college level, preparation for sports becomes more rigorous, increasing the physical demands on the body. C. Wes Training has helped several high school, college, and semi-professional athletes overcome the obstacles they were struggling with and improve their performance. Athletes attending high school/college have more social engagements and academic obligations; so we seek to provide specialized training programs that optimally account for the young students' workload.

Hundreds of Athletes Trained with C. Wes Training

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We've worked with numerous aspiring athletes, helping them improve their game skills, physical abilities, and achieve the goals they set out for. Reach out to C. Wes Training to find out which of our programs best suits your sporting ambitions.

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